About Us

Thank you for visiting thepod - the home of some of the best Pre Owned Designer collections… It’s lovely to meet you!


I’m Alex, the founder and face behind the brand. My aim is to bring you carefully edited collections of second hand luxury pieces, for you to enjoy and rotate as your style evolves.


I have worked in the luxury fashion industry and for some of the countries most renowned luxury brands, since graduating from university many moons ago. Through spending years as Personal Shopping Manager for Harvey Nichols, and a part of the team in Selfridges' Press Office, I became emersed in the world of luxury fashion, and once it’s got you, you never want to leave!


Seeing first hand how the industry has changed over the years, and the desperately unnecessary waste of clothing that became a ‘normal’ part of our shopping habits, I was inspired to use my knowledge and expertise to extend the lifecycle of those luxury pieces, and so thepod was born.


Armed with industry knowledge, a pocket full of contacts and a little creative flare, I now curate collections of second hand designer clothing that we can all reuse, rewear and rotate. Shopping with thepod is sustainable, luxurious, and fun!


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